Balanced Code

AWS Cloud and Apache Spark - Consultancy - Training 

Professional Services

Helping you get the most out of Apache Spark and AWS Cloud.

Apache Spark

We are Apache Spark experts.  Data Lake, Analytics or Machine Learning we can help you move your datato the cloud, configure your analytics and develop Machine Learning services with AWS, Apache Spark and Python.

AWS Cloud

We can help you migrate your existing applications and processing into the AWS Cloud or design something new with a Cloud First approach.

Business Intelligence & Visualization

We can help you get the most out of your data with Amazon QuickSight.  A fast cloud-powered business intelligence service.

Serverless App development

Serverless application development  (sometimes known as "Functions as a Service" or "Faas") can allow you to quickly deploy advanced application features without the overhead of managing servers  24/7.


Kevin is the creator of Balanced Code. A veteran over 25 years in the technology industry providing professional consulting services on Big Data and Cloud Application Development.

Kevin is also the instructor for all
courses and tutorials produced by Balanced Code.

Kevin Horgan

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
PSM I Professional Scrum Master