Unit Testing in Xcode 8 & Swift

Coming Soon this fall after the launch of iOS 10.

Learn to design and write unit test cases in Xcode 8 using Swift 3 with XCTest

This eBook will show you how to design and write real life unit test cases for your iOS Apps using XCTest from within Xcode.

  • Quick Start. Get up and running with an introduction to the XCTest framework by configuring a sample project for testing.
  • Functional Testing. Set up functional tests to validate the logic in an iOS app.
  • UI Testing. Setup UI test cases to automate UI testing of an app. Record user interactions and generate test cases in the source code.
  • Performance Measurement. Write test cases to measure performance of an app and track changes against a performance baseline.
  • Continuous Integration and Xcode Server. Setup bots on an Xcode server to run tests remotely.

Coming soon...

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