Never miss another assignment again with the My Class Plan App for iPhone. The daily homework planner and to do list app. Build your daily and weekly schedule, complete with icons, photos and more. See your schedule at a glance, snap photos to quickly capture blackboards and class notes.

The My Class Plan App.

Build your daily and weekly schedule, complete with icons, photos and more.

Daily Schedule


Your daily schedule at a glance, swipe left or right to move to the next day or the previous day.

Any homework or exams due today are highlighted with icons for the class.

Add new classes with the plus sign top right. Tap once on a class and you can edit it.

Add New Classes


Add a new class, setting the day of week and start and end times. Add details in the information box such as room number or teacher's name.

Class duration will be automatically copied with each new class. Change these and the next class with automatically have the new class duration.

First time you enter a class name it will be added to the class name carousel below the name field so next time you can select it from the existing list of class names

Homework Overview


Overview of upcoming homework and exams sorted by due date.

Mark homework completed when done.

Add new homework or upcoming exams.

Feature 1

Switch from daily to weekly class schedule, simply rotate your phone from Portrait to Landscape.

Feature 2

Change the minimum number of minutes to show as class breaks in the schedule or the time of day to receive remainders in the Settings screen.

Feature 3

Enter new homework tasks or upcoming exams, add a reminder notification and even attach photos.

Feature 4

List of off upcoming homework and exams scheduled in the Homework screen. Scroll through to plan your work ahead and meet your deadlines.

Add New Task


Add a new homework or exam task. Set the due date and describe the task in the details box.

Add an optional reminder to be notify as the task due date.

Take a photo with your camera or attach a photos from your photo library. Capture the blackboard or hand written notes.


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Delete old homework tasks. Homework and Test/Exam tasks are moved to the archive in the homework overview screen once the due date has passed.

With this setting you decide how long there should stay there before they are automatically deleted from the app.

Set the minimum number of minutes for a break in your day before it will be shown in the daily schedule. Any breaks less than this, will not be shown in the schedule so it is easier to read.

If you set alert reminder notifications for your Homework or Test/Exam tasks, then the notifications will be shown at this time each day on your device. You can change this time to suit your schedule and all notifications in the app will then be shown at the new time on the day that they are due.

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